Assemblies in Fusion 360

All about making assemblies in Fusion 360

What’s in the course

This is a project-based course where you will learn everything about making assemblies using parts and components in Fusion 360 with the help of a Backhoe loader arm as a sample project.

As the course is project-based you will learn the skills with a practical approach. By the time this course ends you will have a fully assembled backhoe loader arm.

Just like all other courses on SourceCAD this course also has practise quizzes in the end that you can take to assess your performance.

Who should take this course

This course is made for intermediate level Fusion 360 user and if you know the basic interface of Fusion 360 you will be able to follow along pretty easily.

This course is compatible with Fusion 360 on Windows as well as Mac operating system.

"I found this course very informative and easy to follow at my pace as I was a complete beginner I had be looking at a lot of other courses on YouTube. This course was by far the best and very well taught."

- John Girvan, SourceCAD Student

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