AutoCAD video tutorial Series 2D and 3D - Downloadable

Take your AutoCAD learning offline, download the AutoCAD video tutorial series of SourceCAD

The offline version of AutoCAD tutorial series with bonus content

This download contains all the videos which you see on the tutorials page of SourceCAD in mp4 format in high definition (1024P). The download also contains lots of bonus content.

Download size is 1044 MB or 1.02 GB and the download link will instantly become available to you and it will always remain active in your SourceCAD dashboard. Even when you lose your download you can always log in to your account on SourceCAD and download it again.


Following are the contents of this download package.

73 Video lessons covering AutoCAD 2D and 3D

All HD videos supported by almost every video player

Data files used in the videos

Dimensioned PDF and DWG of practice drawings

Bonus 3D project with videos and data files

Lifetime access to downloads

Total download size of 1044 MB

What our learners say

" I have zero experience with AutoCAD, and I already can draw a circle to the size I want, move that circle around, make it bigger, add tools, and navigate the panels and its only been 10 minutes - Rebekah Mcleod

" The instructor is clearly a very well trained individual in his respective fields not only in AutoCAD. Is the course worth the money? You cannot put a price tag on good quality education or instructors. The course is worth every cent - Gert Booysen

" This was a great course! All the basics and general concepts were taught without being overly detailed or unclear. This has provided me a solid foundation for using AutoCAD - Brooke Guzar

"As a newbie this course tremendously helped me in working around with AutoCAD. The teacher is very knowledgeable and knows how to communicate the important aspects of the software. Now I can see why this course is a bestseller - Raymond Selda

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